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  • Welcome to Safe 'n Secure

    Safe 'n Secure is a security based company operating in niche markets within the Western Cape region. Being born out of a need to service the security industry with quality and professional technical service, the company has grown its portfolio of business units and client base. The company’s activities are concentrated mainly on the management of these business units and the provision of technical support as well as being involved in the day-to-day management.

    Our strategic philosophy is to remain within the boundaries of sound business principles and practice in order to optimise shareholder wealth but at the same time create an atmosphere that will build the communities we operate in. We seek to deliver professional service, highly skilled workmanship as well as quality products to our clients.

    Safe 'n Secure - Security
    Safe 'n Secure - Paradox

    About Safe 'n Secure

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  • I have to go, she said, walking again, hurrying toward the front corner of the house.
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    I think you should figure out what feels right, not what should be, because it was told to you. He wanted to be his real wife s first choice.
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    That is what he was bred, born, raised and trained for. My aunt told me, that s who I stayed with after my mom died.
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  • Sure, the diamond wasn t as big as the one that Buddy swallowed, but she liked it much more because Ted gave it to her.
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  • Safe n Secure was founded on a vision by the company's owner Mark Finch via a pioneering spirit and ambition to achieve something great for the automation industry that still defines the company's goals even today. Safe n Secure thus became and still is an industry leader in innovation and technology through an acute intuition for market developments and trends as well as a strong desire to offer high-tech solutions that benefit the customer.

    Safe n Secure was established in 1991 as an independent private company in installations of specialist gate automation and accompanied accessories. Over the years Safe n Secure has become one of the best known and respected solution providers for all access control installations, tailor made for its client needs.

    We install, repair and maintain a comprehensive range of access control and security products, including alarm systems, CCTV, intercoms, electric fencing, turnstiles, gate automation, access controls and systems etc.

    Mark Finch, CEO of the company, is responsible for the company’s contact towards external parties. He is also responsible for Sales & Marketing and building solid relationships with the company’s clients.


    Black Economic Empowerment

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  • As it was his mouth became lubricated with a flush of saliva, but he was able to resist for his original reasons. Plopping it on her head, she shook a finger at Megan.
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  • He said softly, his hands sliding down the gentle arch of her back, It can be better. He wasn t quite sure what Lucas had picked up on, but obviously he didn t miss the slight mix of emotion that passed over Lucas 5 Lietha Wards expression when he felt the surge.
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    Black Economic Empowerment is one of the core elements of our operation, thus we believe in a process of the skills transfer, affirmative action and employment creation for those previously disadvantaged.

    Safe n Secure has recently concluded an equity participation agreement whereby Black Economic Empowerment will become one the key focus areas in the company. This will fit in with the vision of the company and that of the broader targets of the country. Black Economic Empowerment has always been an integral part of the company’s strategy in terms of skills development, training and upliftment of employee lives.

    Contact Us

    If you would like to contact us, please feel free to use any of the details listed below

    Telephone number 021 486 1820
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  • Lucas grinned at her, I don t have the slightest idea.
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    Fax number
    021 448 1774
    Email address production@safensecure.co.za
    Website address www.safensecure.co.za
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  • Physical address
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  • I think if you offered the pretense of being a man, you might find other men more inclined to at least consider your ideas, if not agree with them.
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  • He gambled away his lands until he had nothing left, not a haypenny to his purse. She honestly didn t think he d be so handsome in person or so friggin big!
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  • 153 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925

    Our Mission

    Safe and Secure - Mission
    Megan glanced at Ted who didn t look any more convinced than she was.
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  • And apparently, that sentiment trickled right down to a single password to stop Cole from achieving happiness. I hadn t thought about it, but you re right.
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  • When they find out that you have a weakness, this could cause Lucas interrupted, Jason, the girl will be our priority from now on. The only thing he was sure of was, he had to have her.
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  • Elsa listened to her when she bitched about her father, her life, her cut in her allowance, and whatever boyfriend was in style. Jason, I need to get away from here and everything that reminds me of him so I can sort out my thoughts and that includes his numerous bodyguards.
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    Our mission is at the centre
    of the company’s business
    strategy and ability to meet its goals and objectives and this defines our underlying commitment to our customers a follows:

    Commitment is our core focus in providing our clients with high quality products coupled with service excellence and quality technical advice.

    Products & Services

    Safe n Secure sell, install and service a wide range of all security and access control related products, that are guaranteed to meet your particular specifications. Our services include the installation and repair of:

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  • To Cole s horror, Blake spun on his heel and hastened toward him.
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  • Door and Gate Automation